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Old Stories (Midwich)
9 track CD album in card wallet, released 2009

Young Hearts (Spinney)
4 track CD EP in digipack, released 2005

Nancy Wallace, erstwhile voice of The Memory Band and more recently part of The Owl Service, released her first solo venture - the wonderful Young Hearts EP - in 2005. A sublime collection of disco classics set to simple folk arrangements that won the hearts of everybody lucky enough to hear it. In 2009 Nancy unleashed her debut solo album. Old Stories has a charming simplicity and astounding beauty, unique interpretations of traditional British songs sit happily alongside Nancy's own compositions with a flow so seamless you forget which is which.

In the past few years, Nancy has contributed songs to numerous compilation albums, and has now finally collected these recordings together as "Stumbling Over Chairs", available on her Bandcamp page (see link). Her recent 7"single, and her work with the Owl Service, are available from Stone Tape Recordings.

Nancy's move to Canada will see her working in earnest on her next album 'proper'.

"Long respected as one of the purest voices on the folk circuit, this recording, like her live work, fashions an amazing intimacy with her listener. A substantial debut. (****)" Mojo

"Nancy Wallace is one of only a handful of young musicians capable of bridging the gap between contemporary folk music and folk conventionality with anything resembling aplomb."

"Old Stories is one of the first highlights of 2009. She certainly has every right to be talked about in the same breath as some of the traditional music greats."